Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Rockets go for 3

Now is everyone getting a little skeptical about first presumptions? Well, we are approaching game 3 and we have a 2-game lead on Dallas. In the first win, there was a 12 point difference. Game 2 came to a close with a victory shot from none other than T-Mac with only 2.2 seconds left (113-111).

With the next game approaching soon, excitement is culminating. Where did Yao come from with that last game? With a career-high 33 points scored, Ming showed how well he can play when he just pushes with a little extra force. GO YAO!!!

The next upcoming game will be on Thursday. Will this be the last game of the first round? (Comments appreciated!)

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Roger said...

Well, the Rockets are going to at home court on this next upcoming rounds. I still don't believe the comments that we are better "on the road" than "home court", considering the last game of the season, we put the Sonics to shame. We can beat them here! But I know this time, it's gonna be harder to do so. Dallas is studying our moves.

I hope Yao keeps playing the way he did on Game 2. I think everyone saw how slow he was on Game 1 and someone had to tell him about it.

There's no way of telling if it is the last game or not. I underestimated Dallas a bit, but the Rockets will not let us down.

Oh I write almost the same thing about the Houston Rockets that you write about at my Mindsay blog (it's not hard to miss, they are much more colorful than other entries). Have a Good Day!!!

Awesome blog, btw.