Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ye of Lil' Faith

As it comes closer to the end, I talk to a lot of my buddies about the possibilities of crazy outcomes. One of the most frowned upon is that the Rockets will rock out a clutch victory and make a wicked comeback.

Ok. So, maybe the Rockets going all the way may not be the most probable. Fighting teams the likes of the Spurs and the Suns can be quite a feat, especially if everyone is in full force. But, over all these two teams in the Western are unbelievable and it’s easy to say the same about the Heat.

The Rockets will be going against the SuperSonics for the last game of regular season play and begin the Playoffs with a series against the Mavericks. I personally believe the Rockets can win both of these. Please add your comments!



booth52 said...

Just wanted to drop in, compliment you on your blogging, wish you good luck in the playoffs... and shamelessly plug some stuff.

I wrote a brief Rockets-related article which may have a chance of being interesting to you. It's basically a futile analysis seeing if Van Gundy was an above average halftime motivating coach (didn't conclude he was.) You'll see the reason for me even thinking about it was the 2 3rd quarter performances the Rockets pulled on the Sonics this year. Anyways, here's my shameless plug.



(P.S.- By the way, can I just state that as a Sonics fan i was absolutely relieved to find out we were NOT gonna be facing your team. Just not a good matchup at all for the Sonics. There is something about Jerome James that seems to get Yao Ming absolutely wet in his pant(ie)s, cuz he plays inspired ball against us!

Good luck on your blogging and on the playoffs.

kaiz3n said...


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