Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yao's Summer

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The AP is reporting that Yao Ming is going to spend this summer in Houston as opposed to playing organized ball. This is huge for the Rockets, as Yao has not had a break in over two years. The fact he'll be in Houston resting up for next season should mean big things for him, and he'll probably even get more work with the Rockets.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

One-year Contract Extension

Van Gundy didn’t have faith in his own talent as a coach when he joined the ranks of the Rockets. Now owner Leslie Alexander is making sure that he realizes this. Alexander recently extended the coach’s stint with the Rockets through the 2007-2008 season.

Van Gundy did a great job throughout last season coaching the Rockets. Not only did he get us a little bit further in the Playoffs, but the players are developing well in their positions. Plus, how many coaches have been willing to throw so much money into a possible referee-Dallas coach scandal for one of their players?

Good luck and make us proud!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Vin Baker

Vin Baker was recently removed from the injury list. Baker had been suffering with heart palpitations, but apparently the Rockets medical team has seen improvement. Baker debuted into the NBA in 1993 when he was originally drafted to Milwaukee. After having a 5-year stint with the Seattle SuperSonics, Baker moved over to Boston, then New York, and finally to Houston.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Summer vacation: Yao to stay, relax in Houston

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Yao will head into his first NBA offseason without any obligations, a big change from the previous two summers when he returned home to play with China's national team.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

7 Game Outcomes: Not in our Favor

Well, we have finally come to an end to our Playoff run. After a year of Van Gundy fun, the Rockets have ended the season with 51 games and a first round series that lasted 7 games; a little better than last year being taken out by the Lakers in 5 and only having forty some odd games won.

It was a vicious upset though. I was not expecting that. I even placed a bet with a good friend of mine from Dallas, but a forty point difference, not too great. T-Mac came out missing most of his first shots. Yao had a good game matching a Playoff-high of 33 points.

This only helps develop the team into filling the gaps that we felt during this last game. Van Gundy has some time to think through and get some players. Yao will most likely stay a few more years. His contract is up in 2006.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Bring on Game 7

After undergoing 3 dirty losses (which I believe we should have won), the Rockets have shown why we were a Playoff team from the get go. Holding home court advantage, the Rockets destroyed the Mavericks with a score of 101-83.

Points were being put in from all corners. Jon Barry came off the bench howling in the fourth quarter scoring 10 of his 14 in under 4 minutes. T-Mac held a game-high scoring 37 points.

"We were in attack mode throughout the whole fourth quarter, and it helps when guys are making shots. It just boosts your confidence and carries over to the defensive end."
- Tracy McGrady

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bogus Calls and Van Gundy

If you took time to watch Game 5 of the series between the Mavs and Rockets, you might have noticed that some people have been upset with a few calls, especially coach Jeff Van Gundy. Van Gundy has gone public with accusations that Dallas coach Mark Cuban has had his hand in getting officials to key in on Yao Ming. So far this has done nothing but get Van Gundy fined $100k, which would be the highest fine a coach has received to date.

On top of this, the officials during Game 5 made a bogus call during the last seconds of the game. A player who was clearly out of bounds knocked the ball out of a player’s hand that was inbounds and they let it play through. Where is the justice?

Other than that, we lost Game 5. This is quite upsetting since we went from being 2-0 to being 2-3. Coming home did not help us at all. Going back to Dallas didn’t help either. But, this guy still keeps hopeful. Game 6 should be unbelievable!!!

Monday, May 02, 2005


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Unbelievably, Dallas some how found a way to tie up their series with Houston at 2 yesterday. We thought they were done after losing the first two at home but they returned the favor to the Rockets yesterday thanks to Jason Terry. The dude dropped 32, including the biggest shot of the night (and his career) — a three-point dagger in front of the Rockets bench with 27 ticks left. He must be feeling so good, actually contributing to a playoff team after the horrid years in ATL.