Thursday, May 12, 2005

7 Game Outcomes: Not in our Favor

Well, we have finally come to an end to our Playoff run. After a year of Van Gundy fun, the Rockets have ended the season with 51 games and a first round series that lasted 7 games; a little better than last year being taken out by the Lakers in 5 and only having forty some odd games won.

It was a vicious upset though. I was not expecting that. I even placed a bet with a good friend of mine from Dallas, but a forty point difference, not too great. T-Mac came out missing most of his first shots. Yao had a good game matching a Playoff-high of 33 points.

This only helps develop the team into filling the gaps that we felt during this last game. Van Gundy has some time to think through and get some players. Yao will most likely stay a few more years. His contract is up in 2006.

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