Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bogus Calls and Van Gundy

If you took time to watch Game 5 of the series between the Mavs and Rockets, you might have noticed that some people have been upset with a few calls, especially coach Jeff Van Gundy. Van Gundy has gone public with accusations that Dallas coach Mark Cuban has had his hand in getting officials to key in on Yao Ming. So far this has done nothing but get Van Gundy fined $100k, which would be the highest fine a coach has received to date.

On top of this, the officials during Game 5 made a bogus call during the last seconds of the game. A player who was clearly out of bounds knocked the ball out of a player’s hand that was inbounds and they let it play through. Where is the justice?

Other than that, we lost Game 5. This is quite upsetting since we went from being 2-0 to being 2-3. Coming home did not help us at all. Going back to Dallas didn’t help either. But, this guy still keeps hopeful. Game 6 should be unbelievable!!!

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