Wednesday, December 13, 2006

12 days of Christmas

As a blogger I need to find and fill information for my readers. Much of it comes from tooling around the internet to my favorite various sites and many times I experience things that no human should. This morning was no exception as I went to The Houston Rockets official website to refresh myself on some of the plays that would point out why, even after such a great comeback, the Houston Rockets lost 102-94 against the L.A. Lakers last night. Instead my ears were assaulted, partially my fault for having the sound to loud, by people who should not be singing doing exactly that. The Rockets are advertising thier Holiday packs with players fans and powerdancers singing the 12 days of christmas. Now so you don't get curious and go look or listen for yourself let me just type out the non rhyming, doesn't even fit to the beat of the song, lyrics. We will skip straight to the end and mind you that Yao Ming and Motumbo are not the easiest guys to understand. On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me 12 rowdy fans, 11 fast fed points, 10 offensive rebounds, 9 perfect passes, 8 hostile plays?, 7 baseline jumpers, 6 Three pointers, 5 POWER DANCERS!, 4 blocked shots, 3 buzzer beaters, 2 great seats, and a Houston Rockets Holiday Pack.

The Holiday pack contains one ticket to 6 games, 3 in January and 3 in February. Packs are priced to stuff stockings at as low as $60.00 per. The home games include L.A. Lakers, Portland Trailblazers, Seattle Supersonics, Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings, and the Boston Celtics. Visit the rockets official website for more infomation but please, please skip the music video section for your own sake.

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