Saturday, March 29, 2008

East vs. west Disparity

With 10 games left in the regular season, the Rockets are poised to make the playoffs, but which team they will face in the first round is anybody's guess. That's because there are so many good teams in the Western Conference that 1st place and 8th place are only separated by 5 games. It's conceivable, even probable that a 50 win team will not make the playoffs for the first time ever. Today, that would be Denver, but they are only 1/2 game back of Golden State, who is only 1/2 game back of Dallas, who is... well, you get the point. Its' tough out west.

The East, on the other hand, has the two best records in the NBA and maybe the best team, but the quality dwindles fast after that. In fact, Atlanta at 8 games under .500 will probably make the playoffs. Some would say that Boston, Detroit and Orlando only have gaudy records because they play most of their games in the pitiful Eastern Conference. There may be a grain of truth to that, but having seen Boston play, they are the real deal.

My scale has always been pretty simple. Win half your games, you're mediocre. 45 wins is a good team. 50 wins is a very good team. 55 wins is excellent. 60 wins is a great team. But this year is different. An abundance of lousy teams in the East has made a couple of very good teams look great and an overabundance of excellent teams in the West has made some great teams look mediocre.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

So much for the streak

22 in a row is a tremedous accomplishment, but the Rockets seem to have fallen back to earth. They are about to lose their 3rd game of the last 4. It was obvious to most of us that they were playing over their heads when the last 10 victories in the streak came after Yao Ming went down. I expect them to play well enough to make the playoffs, but unless they draw a team that just doesn't match up well with the Rockets, they won't get out of the first round. Thanks for the fun run guys and keep plugging!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Way to go guys!

They just keep on keeping on! Yao goes dowm, Deke steps in. Landry gets dinged, Mike Harris steps in. Chuck Hayes doesn't fit, Scola takes over the offensive output and Hayes rules on defense. This is fun!

I'm holding my breath...

I can't watch. 21 wins! Fourth quarter, up against the Bobcats, and we're --> <-- this close to taking over the absolute number one spot.

I can't watch, and yet I can't take my eyes away... it's the most awesome train wreck I've ever seen.