Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hospital Ward

This week's events prove the last post true. Since then, Tracy McGrady, Rafer Alsion and Shane Battier have all had surgery to repair nagging injuries. Add to that Yao Ming and Steve Francis' season-ending surgeries and the blame for the Rockets' early demise clearly lies in the medical books.

Did the coaches play them too many minutes? Did Yao Ming's year-round basketball schedule take its toll? Are they just injury prone? Honestly, all of those questions are still open to debate. My inclination is to answer no to each one, but I am not a doctor. The Rockets have the finest sports medicos in the world at their beckon call and huge investments in all of the aforementioned players, so we must assume that they would not have risked injury to them if it was foreseeable. Yao and Tracy have a history of getting dinged, but that doesn't mean it will happen again.

So let's all wrap bandages and wish the injured list a quick recovery.

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Anonymous said...

Hell, Yao's better than anyone else out there, injured or not. Get well soon!