Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Famous Sons

The Rockets now have two sons of famous fathers on the roster. Joining Patrick Ewing, Jr. is D. J. Strawberry, Jr., son of baseball great Darryl Strawberry. D.J. the younger is a 6-5 swingman with a proclivity for defense. In 33 games with the Phoenix Suns, he shot a lowly .315 from the field and only 24% from beyond the arc. With those numbers, he had better be a defensive stopper if he hopes to make it in the NBA.

Father Darryl Strawberry enjoyed a Hall of Fame quality career in baseball, but his off-the-field troubles overshadowed his accomplishments between the lines. His rap sheet includes arrests and/or convictions for spousal abuse, cocaine posession, alcohol abuse, income tax evasion, solicitation of prostitution, parole violation and filing a false police report in a car theft scam. He also did several stretches in drug and alcohol rehab facilities. This is for information only, as the son can certainly never be held accountable for the sins of the father. D.J. Strawberry, Jr. has never been in trouble and deserves a fair shake.

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