Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Missing pieces

Well, the hospital ship does not yet seem to have left port. 40% of the starting lineup is still not ready to play. Tracy McGrady's offseason knee surgery has not allowed him to effectively compete. He played a few minutes in Boston before being ejected, but hasn't played since. Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder if he got himself thrown out of that game on purpose? OK, that probably wasn't fair. At least he was showing some spunk.

Shane Battier's foot has kept him off the floor for all of training camp. He is scheduled to have an MRI tomorrow, but he says he will play in the final preseason game Thursday. Both players will take some time to get up to speed and it may cost the Rockets in the short run. The most important physical factor in playing defense is the wheels.

A couple of other Rockets have missed some time this week too because of a head cold going around. Better now than in the regular season, I say.

The good news is that the Rockets are a deep veteran team. They need another training camp like they need a hole in the head. When the bell sounds, they will show up. Frankly, I'm ready for the bell.

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