Friday, October 10, 2008

So Far, So Good

After two wins in the preseason, the Rockets are looking pretty good, especially considering that two of their top starters have yet to take the court.

Ron Artest has filled in nicely for Shane Battier, who is recovering from offseason surgery for a few more weeks. I'm certain there will be much debate in the coming months as to who is the better player and who deserves to start. That's the kind of controversy that's great to have. BTW, Artest has kept his nose clean and said all the right things about enjoying being in Houston. Good for you, Ron. Luther Head has been his usual serviceable self in Tracy McGrady's place.

Yao's foot seems to be healed. He's using the preseason to get in game shape. Good. That's what it's for. Brent Barry seems to have taken to the offense just fine, getting 8 assists in the second game. Rafer seems focused on his on-the-court life rather than his in-court issues, Joey Dorsey is showing flashes of talent, Chuck Hayes, Mike Harris, Luis Scola and Aaron Brooks all seem to be in mid-season form, at least conditioning-wise.

Like I said, so far, so good. I'm starting to get excited.

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