Sunday, November 02, 2008

3 down, 79 to go

I'll take a 3-0 start, even though the Rockets have looked less than perfect in stretches. But to state the obvious, a win is a win.

Granted, the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder (that one still takes some getting used to) are far from elite, but the Rockets also beat the Dallas Mavericks in Dallas on a back-to-back night. By any standards the Mavericks are formidable, especially at home. I hear the rose-colored glasses saying that the quality of the opponents don't matter. They are all professional teams that can win on any given night. That was a common refrain last year during the 22 game win streak in which the Rockets enjoyed a relatively soft schedule. The streak was a great accomplishment, but let's be honest. Should the heavyweight champion receive the same accolades for defeating a tired old club fighter as he would for beating the number one contender? A lucky punch notwithstanding, the champ should win. That's not being negative, just realistic.

Actually, I am an optimist. I think the Rockets are a contender and will only improve as Ron Artest feels his way into the chemistry of the team and Shane Battier comes back from injury. 3-0? I'll take it and love it!

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