Friday, January 02, 2009

The time has come

It's time for T-Mac to sit or go. He has earned zero playing time this year. Is it the knee injury? They are hard to overcome and take time to completely heal. Maybe more time than the Rockets have allowed.

Is he jealous of the other stars the Rockets have accumulated? Tracy has proven mostly well-rounded and unselfish in his tenure in Houston, averaging in the mid twenties in scoring with a half dozen each of rebounds and assists. But does Artest push his buttons?

Is he just used up? He came to the pros straight out of high school so he has not yet reached his thirtieth birthday, but has played 11 1/2 seasons in the NBA. That's a lot of strain on a body, especially when he was the focus of his team most of those years.

The answer to each of the above questions is: I don't care. He is not producing. Rick Adelman owes it to the team to give someone else his minutes so that they can establish a rotation on which they can depend. This team can never establish a groove when their lineup changes every night, especially when Tracy just mails in his performance as he did tonight against the Raptors.

Tracy had a good run with the Rockets, but he is a player that relies heavily on his athleticism and it seems to have left him. The coach needs to sit him down until it returns.

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1. The Rockets need to pass the ball to Yao as he runs into the paint not after he post up.
2. We need to post Carl L., Wafer and Artest more.
3. Limit the outside 3's as they are leading to fast breaks
4. Adelman van Gundy is not an Offense Coach we need someone else for that role.
5. We have no end of game plays, that work.
6. Where is the 2-man game in our offense? IE. Stockton-Malone
7. Adelman needs to play the bench more or they will be worthless come the playoffs.
8. Rafer is a 2 guard not a point guard,low assists no points, du
9. At he end of the game we need a full court press and a man to man defense.
10. If the starters are loosing get them out of the game 3 for 12 is bad shooting.
11. Get Hakeem to come back for 5 minutes a game.
12. Yao MUST stop dribbling the balL and just shoot the ball.
13. Brooks is good and needs to run the team with Luther Head..
14. More fast breaks to the basket, the rockets are afraid of the contact.
15. Foul out the best players on the other team at the start in the game with single post up's.
16. Trade T-Mac immediately for a scoring player.
17. Play Wafer in T-Mac place until he is traded