Friday, February 27, 2009

Win Streak

Things are looking up for the Rockets. McGrady is out and Artest, Battier and company are picking up the slack nicely. Sure was nice to send Cleveland packing. Adios king James!


Rick said...

McGrady has been pretty much useless this year anyway. Like I said in my blog, he had not affected many games this season - at least not in a positive way.

ericshapes said...

I'm a long time Laker fan and was looking for a Rockets' fan place to leave some comments. So not sure where this goes, but I hope you read this.

Game 1 was one of the bravest performances I've ever seen by a Laker opponent. I've always admired Yao for his character and skill and this was his greatest game yet.

Mind you, the Lakers did not lay down and die, but your team beat them in a hard fair game. I so admire your coach and role players and understand how RA has redeemed himself as a great player.

I still believe the the Lakes will win the series, so much talent and character of their own, but to beat the Rocks, they gotta deliver.

I admire the Rockets, what a great and surprising wonderful team.

No anger here after game one, you're team won fair and square.

Well done.