Monday, March 23, 2009

San Antonio Falls

We saw another great win yesterday by the Rockets over the San Antonio Spurs. Yao played strong defense against their big men and Ron Artest and the two point guards played under control. Luis Scola had a great game and is becoming an outstanding NBA forward.

Good job guys!


John said...

Today the Spurs have learned a valuable lesson from the Luis Scola trade that happen in 2007. Right now, every Spurs fans must be asking just what would it be like to have him on their roster. He really made them pay for this. Just one of many trade from the Spurs management that puzzles me most of the time.

However I'm glad that Scola has arrived in the NBA and was really happy he was with the Rockets. I'm sure Yao and the rest will value his contribution highly. It has been fun to watch them playing at such level and winning without T-Mac.

Here is my version of the game recap. Please do drop by and let me know what do you think about Scola and the game.

Texans tickets said...

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