Sunday, April 05, 2009

Coming down to it

We're finally down to the last five games and Houston is well-positioned to earn home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs. Let's hear it from the net. How far will they go this year?

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John said...

Ok I'm not sure what do you think but I've kind of feel that based on current form the Rockets might stand a better chance to topple the Lakers in the West, compare to the Spurs.

They are playing better basketball at the moment and looks good to secure home court advantage in the first round. Plus, there is that small oppurtinity that it could the Blazers again.

I'm just not too sure about the Spurs at the moment. The latest setback is Timmy's injury against the Cavs. Manu is still pretty much behind his best for now. They can't rely on Parker too much. The support has been very inconsistent.

This is just my view on how I see things might occur in the post season. What's yours?